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Computer/Electronics Recovery

ServiceMaster Restore PEI electronic cleaning service provides a cost effective alternative to replacement.

To provide the best restoration service, ServiceMaster Restore PEI uses the best known technology available today, using Odell Electronic Cleaning Stations. The cleaning station is specifically designed to provide an effective cleaning and drying process to eliminate contaminants produced by fire, water, and smoke damage.

Odell Electronic cleaning stations use a proven non-toxic cleaner that removes contaminants and is effective in cleaning cadmium plated and aluminum parts. It also removes oxide tarnish from open switch and wiper contacts.

After cleaning the components, they must be dried. The Odell electronics drying chamber is specifically designed to confront the unique complexities of drying electronic components, which is, drying the components thoroughly and safely with circulating dehumidified air at a consistent low temperature.

The Odell electronic cleaning stations have proven to be very effective for cleaning a wide variety of electronics and electrical instruments such as;

  • Printed circuit boards
  • Medical test equipment
  • Avionics
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Power supplies
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Computers

With over 25 years of restore experience and Odells electronic cleaning station and drying chamber, ServiceMaster Restore PEI can provide an alternative solution over replacement.

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You restored our home after a fire just in time for the holidays. You are a great bunch and we are very fortunate to have a company such as ServiceMaster to help in a time of need.
~ Jean and Roger MacLeod